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  • RPT & ICI Director of Tennis 

  • LTA Level 4 Senior Club Coach 

  • ESTESS / ITF Level Three

  • USPTA Elite Professional 

  • ICS Diploma in Sports Psychology 

  • Premier International Diploma in Fitness Training 

Tennis background: 

  • Reached a UK level of 4.1 , playing at national level as a junior

  • Played First team for University of Bath 

  • At veteran Over 35 level have represented both Berkshire and Avon counties

Favourite Tennis players: 

  • Andy Murray

  • Ash Barty 

What I love about tennis: 

Tennis is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, gender or background. Tennis is a sport that can teach many lessons to youngsters that set them up for life both on AND off the court.

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