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PJ Tennis believe that competing in tennis can be and should be enjoyable at all levels of tennis. We like to work with our International schools to enable them to hold annual tennis events for their students and wider school community. These events commence for students competing in U/7 modified events through to Varsity events for senior students.

PJ Tennis is heavily involved in Regional School Tennis events and we are doing our part to work with all of the tennis providers to continuously build and promote the profile of tennis.

These events can include: 

1. School tennis championships for junior and senior age groups

2. Family tennis days

3. ‘in-house’ tennis competitions

4. We also cater for in-school weekly/monthly competitions.

5. PJ Tennis has an International School Tournament team - our leading coaches are present at tournaments 
6. PJ Tennis tournament series 

7. International tennis tours also available 

Find out more HERE 

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