• Graduated from Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City - Faculty of heat and refrigeration engineering

  •  Vietnamese Police Check  

Tennis background: 

  • Completed regularly in non-professional tennis tournaments 

  • Training partner for professional Vietnamese tenins players 

  • In training to complete ITF Level 1 course 

Favourite Tennis players: 

  • Roger Federer 

  • Maria Sharapova 

What I love about tennis: 

I love tennis because it combines strength, endurance and gracefullness. Tennis can help player show their personality by their clothing and playing style. Tennis improves a player's social relationship, connects them to many people so they can become good friends both inside and outside the court. 
Becoming a coach allows me to communicate my love of tennis with many people, helping them improve health, playing skills and connecting them with other players to become a group that brings them joy and good relationship.