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Hot Shots Tennis programs - Blue, Red, Orange, Green.

With one of our co-founders being Australian we use the Tennis Australia Hot Shots programs as a base for all of our programs for students aged 3 years – 12 years. Using modified tennis nets, smaller tennis racquets and low compression tennis balls we are able to introduce children to tennis at a much younger age and make classes fun and productive. 


The benefit of Hot Shots is we do not require tennis courts to be able to run a structured tennis program which is age appropriate for the students being taught. Even when we are running programs at our tennis centres we do not use the full size tennis courts - we modify the size of the court and height of the net to make things suitable for the age of our students. 

Hot Shots programs have progressions listed below:  

  • Blue Ball – 3 years to 5 years 

  • Red Ball – 5 years to 7 years 

  • Orange Ball – 8 years to 10 years 

  • Green Ball – 10 years plus


Hot Shots Tennis programs are: 

  • Inclusive and interactive

  • Suitable for boys and girls

  • A great introduction to tennis and offer a clear pathway

  • Allowing students to develop their tennis skills and with a range of activities

  • Students also develop vital skills including motor-skill development, hand-eye coordination and spacial awareness 


The skills being taught to students via PJ Tennis are easily transferable to all other sports and activities .This is one of the reasons our school tennis programs are becoming so popular across the region.

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